Hi, I'm Crystal!

Currently a product designer at Amazon AWS. Previously at Stanley Black & Decker, Bluebeam, the Design Lab @ UCSD with Don Norman, & others.

Here to be curious, ask questions, and impact how people work through design.

Ready for Install

How can we help field teams know what's blocking, especially for materials, before they can start installing?

Increased Likely to Use & Ease of Use > 30%

Studio Invites

How can we make inviting easier to maintain security, keep legality, and meet deadlines?

Saving > 30 min every week & rated 4.3/5 for Ease of Use


How can we save time by efficiently expanding a logistics strategy with the company's highest margins to increase profit?

100% team adoption & saved 15 hrs every week

Tracking Loads

How can we ensure loads reach the retailer on time to maintain trust, keep reliability, and reduce fees to expand a high profit program?

Goal: increase on time percentage 80% -> 96%