Hello there! I stumbled upon the world of HCI/UX and instantly fell in love, so I'm doing everything to learn about human-centered design. I was a Cognitive Psychology major, Computer Science minor student at the University of California, San Diego, and I constantly looked to improve myself in the HCI realm.

I fell in love with UX design because not only does it combine all my passions (people, research, design, and programming), but it is also revolutionary in solving problems for change through creative ideas based on user needs. Not only does design change to fit the different users, needs, and contexts in our ever changing world, but design also has the power to change how people think and engage with products and experiences. My education and research in Psychology helps me focus on users and understand the motivations that drive them. I am currently a UX/UI Designer at CaseStack, a third-party logistics company, helping to design the experience and flow of people involved with logistics.

When I am not working on my HCI projects, I am crafting, dancing, watching Masterchef Australia, obsessing over typography, and serving with my church. :)

Currently located in:       Los Angeles

Reach me at  xcrystal.kwokx@gmail.com
Email me about collaborating, job opportunities, questions, or anything regarding crafts and food!

I am on Instagram here! *Warning: may contain random pictures of delicious food and strange pictures of my friends, and probably an odd combination of both