easy connecting between missionaries and supporters

Missionaries struggle to gather supporters and keep them updated; supporters have difficulty keeping up with all updates, and often stopping when they're overwhelmed when trying to catch up. The Cultivation Project hopes to connect supporters to missionaries easily, and to encourage more prayer as the main avenue to support missionaries.

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UX/UI Designer


Cameron Kuey, Ricky Nguyen, Josephine Sheu, Teresa Yuan, Matthew Woo, Gensen Choy, Tony Zhang


Barriers to Supporting and Being Supported

Missionaries hope to share their stories and gather emotional support, yet have trouble easily sharing with existing supporters (mailing lists, facebook events), and gathering new supporters. Supporters struggle to support them whole-heartedly, as seen from lack of responses.

From our research, the biggest pain point was effective mass communication on both sides, so we dug deep to understand and solve the issues.

For everything, we also explored multiple options for profiles and discovery pages to address different issues (ex: wireframe below).

personal journey

Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Updates

All supporters emphasize following the missionary's journey-- spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Other general lifestyle blog posts feature unconnected single photos, quotes, or life advice; however, shared thoughts, feelings, and what was learned throughout the trip links updates together to paint a better picture of the missionary, the people being served, and the overall journey. Currently, accessing common actions to understand the journey is painful with singular posts.

Separate Parts Make Up the Whole

Supporters often read updates in succession, and enjoy seeing how it progressed from the beginning. We focus on the written content of the post until intentional interaction to view other posts and appreciate the journey.

A bird's eye overview of all the posts chronologically visually supports quick understanding of the journey, how this post relates to all other posts, and access to other posts. Common actions, such as scrolling through other posts quickly to find a particular one, became more accessible. Each post is highlighted as a particular point in time and location in the journey through the vertical design.


Forgetful and Behind

While supporters try following some of their friends and missionaries, they often forget the context. They missed a few posts due to notifications at inconvenient times, or the initial support letter was sent so long ago that they forgot what is happening on this trip. Supporters typically read the most recent update first, but knowing the story and context is key to even understanding the current post. If the supporter is reading the reflection, what had happened before?

Providing Context

Being lost, confused, and overwhelmed from keeping up with the journey was a huge barrier. By providing reminders on context and the bigger picture, we hope to increase long-term investment into the missionary, so supporters can easily catch up.

After much research on the context where supporters often need reminders, each post now hosts the quick missions summary to serve as a quick reminder if needed. We include other hints on the context of the trip, such as time range (long term or a date range) and location-- what struggles will they come across? What stage are they at? By providing clarity immediately and easily, we give a sense of comfort to avoid feeling overwhelmed.


For Discovery and Personal Passion

Supporters generally support a group they are passionate about that have a particular culture -- Japanese, Chinese, etc. While missionaries around the world encounter similar problems, serving a particular culture faces its own set of struggles on how to effectively cross those cultural barriers.

Supporters are more likely to venture out if the missionary serves the interested people group, or if the missionary's activity is something they are interested in or currently doing. Also, when naming their trips, missionaries always include something about the location.

Providing Location

By displaying the location more prominently, locations and cultures that interest supporters can easily be noticed, discovered, then followed in Discover. We display it upfront in every Profile and post, to quickly understand the context of the missionary and the post. It increases understanding for the journey, such as knowing the common struggles missionaries face with that particular culture and people.

Thank You!

MVP has been launched, and I'm so excited to see it out in the wild! Much improvements need to be made, but it's been great hearing how (new name, new brand!) has been much easier and impactful so far. More research to be done in the future, and now with quantitative data!

Great, impactful projects are never done alone. Thank you Cam and Ricky for your support, trusting me wholeheartedly, and giving me the freedom to explore and change things in the midst of tight deadlines. Thank you for being the sounding board and making those decisions I usually dread making. Thank you developers for pushing yourselves for the hard design, but better experience-- I always much appreciate the hard work.