dynamic load management platform for increasing efficiency & communication

Due to NDA, please contact me for a private link with more details! :)


To ship our customer’s orders, Casestack coordinates with carriers and warehouses to ensure loads make it to the retailers, such as Walmart. However, carriers are finicky — they’ll say they’re coming, yet push back their estimated time of arrival (ETA). They’ll drop the night before or in the middle of the day they should be picking up. Miscommunication with drivers and carriers is common, and the set appointment time is missed. Currently, because of the lack of usability due to clutter in the current system, keeping up with carrier updates with CaseStack’s growing number of consolidation programs has been difficult.

How can we deliver more loads on time to ensure reliability and no fines by tracking loads better to combat finicky carriers and drivers?


Due to the complexity of the business logic and design project, I conducted the most amount of research and design iterations, because I wanted to be sure that our users understood the content quickly and at a glance. Some improvements we've made were:

  • reducing color and clutter and increasing clarity at a glance by indicating the status visually
  • reducing clutter with lots of research on how each piece of data was used and in what context
  • providing specialized views to users based on their behavior
  • redesigning comments to match how they understood its usage, and so they can understand the context much faster

Due to NDA, please contact me for a private link with more details! :)