Making visual communication with data richness quicker to consume and resolve to foster better collaboration

Due to NDA, please contact me for a private link with more details! :)


Bluebeam is creating a new Cloud product and wants to take some of its learnings from their flagship product Revu, an old desktop app that has become industry standard in the AEC (architectural, electrical, construction) space. One of Revu’s biggest differentiators is its markups — a way to accurately draw visual communications about corrections and issues on plans, and the data richness associated with markups. Think Jira tickets with Sketch-- a place with data like the title and description, with a visual component to see where on a plan.

Almost everyone loves using the markups; however, while the data richness allows people to give background and context on the issue that makes it easier to resolve, research showed non-tech savvy users mainly focus on what’s visible on the actual plans because they feel intimidated by massive amounts of information they don’t understand how to use that occurs outside of the simplified plan view. These people included subcontractors (subs), who mainly work on the jobsite as opposed to figuring out technology and data.

As a result, we often hear feedback that subs have the “Markup List” in Revu closed and would try to put all information visible on the plan on the markups they created, and would also not realize when other people put useful information in their markups to add more context. The total number of markups is often used to indicate the number of issues noted, and because subs create extra markups to indicate more data, the total number of issues is now inaccurate. The extra markups also cause overcrowding on the plans.

How can we maintain the value of information while making data more understandable and keeping plans clear of extra clutter markups?

Problems we solved for:

  • Daunted by Data Overlaod
  • Navigate between Markups Easily and Quickly
  • Know and find Conversations in Multiple Places

Due to NDA, please contact me for a private link with more details! :)