what does fine art have to do with user experience?

My fine art skills that I have acquired over the years do attribute to user experience design, but mostly the aesthetics part. These skills have come in handy when drawing prototypes, understanding contrast and color, and making decisions about visual design in terms of shapes and everything else. I personally just wanted to show my artwork because I've never had a chance to show all my artwork all in one place, and I think this is a big and important part of my journey.

concentration    [ info ]

This "concentration" includes pieces that an artist completes to deeply investigate a theme. I finished 7 pieces following a deep investigation of dancers, which I called "A Dancer's Journey." I personally wanted to do this theme of dancers because dancing is another one of my loved interests that brings me a lot of joy. My concentration is ordered a certain way, because the backgrounds and dancers gradually transform. The backgrounds and dancers change from realistic to fantasy. The dancer transforms by starting with a normal position, then gradually doing more dancer-like positions and movements. I also added the element of lines on the dancer, because it is always said that a dancer's beauty in their body comes from the lines it makes with their body, depending on the uniqueness and fluidity of the lines. The dancers gradually become more fantasy-like, have more movement, and have more lines throughout their bodies to show their journey in finding their identity as a dancer and transforming into a true dancer.

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