live chat application that uses voting of questions and polls to facilitate in class lecture

DURATION: Apr 2015- Pres

ROLE: UX / UI Designer, Front-End Developer

TOOLS: HTML/CSS, NodeJS, SocketIO, Illustrator

COLLABORATORS: Kyly Vass, Brandon Falk, Tanner Turner, Daniel Lee, Jose Valdez, Chris Tetreault, Nick Gibson, Robert Kronebusch

TOOLS: Website   |   Screen Sequence Diagrams   |   GitHub

Based on user research from FlunkLess, we saw the need for facilitating communication during lecture between many students to one professor.

How can communication be facilitated between an audience to one presenter?

the challenge

We saw the need for synchronous communication between professors and students during lecture, because of students' fear of asking questions and professors wanting to see students succeed in FlunkLess.

Students felt intimidated and judged by their peers and professors, and felt like virtual communication was more comfortable. And no questions from students leaves a professor unsure about how to help.

our approach and process

User Research, Personas, User Flow, Use Case Diagrams, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping

From our user research in FlunkLess, we decided to focus on the sole purpose of facilitating communication during lecture, and thus we included our solutions from Flunkless-- Ask Away, Vote, and Checkpoints.

The user experience and UI elements truly tried to make the process as simple and intuitive as possible, and highlight the important and top actions and parts each user would do or need as best as possible. The focus on this project was on software engineering, but we believe that all are needed-- design, software, and research.

the outcome

Mobile + Desktop: First and Second Iteration

We have a fully functioning website, but personally, I wanted to redesign it after much growth on UI Design and interaction design. I also designed a second iteration mobile view for MustAske. Enjoy looking at the different iterations and differences in design through different devices!

Second Iteration: Desktop

Updated Professor View

creating a room

views of the rooms

creating a poll

Updated Student View

joining a room

views of the rooms

answering a poll

searching questions

Second Iteration: Mobile

Prototype of Updated Professor View (mobile)

interact with it!

Prototype of Updated Student View (mobile)

interact with it!

First Iteration

Check out our fully functional website!

Professor View

creating a room

views of the rooms

creating a poll

Student View

entering an existing room

views of the rooms

answering a poll

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