interactive goal-based web calendar where students can set their goals that they are passionate about
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DURATION: Aug 2014 - Sept 2014

ROLE: UX / UI Designer & Front-End Developer

TOOLS: Adobe Creative Suite, Front End Developing (HTML, CSS, JS/JQuery), Storyboarding, Wireframing, Prototyping, Work Flow Modelling

COLLABORATORS: Kaitlin Garriott, Nick Gibson, Michael Lee, Melinda Chu

DELIVERABLES:  Final Presentation   |   Website

Students also often struggle with managing different aspects of their lives and wasting their free time, thinking there is nothing they need to work on. Students also lack the motivation to keep working hard in their studies, because they cannot see or even remember their end goal.

How can students be more effective with their time to acheive their goals?

Our motivation for CROWN is for students to effectively maximize their time to fulfill their goals, and essentially to make the important, urgent.

the challenge

How can students stay motivated towards their responsibilities and goals that they want to fulfill?

our approach and process

Scientific Research [1] [2] [3], User Research, Persona Writing, Wireframing, Lo-fi & Hi-fi prototyping, Storyboarding, User Flow, Logo Design & Branding    

the outcome

User Needs + Design Solutions

3) Students tend to forget to work towards the goals on a daily basis and waste their time.

Students can stay motivated by constantly being reminded of their goals and what's important to them

With CROWN, students can have an external source hinting to them to work on what makes them, well, them, by having students slowly, but surely, work towards their goals one day at a time.

4) Students don't have something to organize their lives better.

CROWN is a calendar web application geared towards students and their needs, goals, and problems.

Students can add assignments and tests with ease, rather than creating work arounds in other calendars to note an important exam.

5) Students have many events from numerous activities, and need to prioritize what they should work on next.

With Timeline in CROWN, students can visualize what's important


Students can constantly be reminded to work on their long-term and short-term goals.

  • add long term goals (life-long dream of becoming a doctor)
  • add short term goals (training to run a marathon)
  • automatic reminders of goals for motivation
  • add CROWN's suggestions to know and plan to work on goal during suggested time period


Important events should be given more attention, time, and urgency (cognitive effort). Timeline is for a different time visualization for behavior change with students.

We noticed that the traditional calendar view does not differentiate between important (exams and weddings) and less important events (repeating classes). The timeline view can indidicate whether or not the student needs to make a decision in light of knowing how many important events are approaching. Therefore, CROWN offers the timeline view for each student's personal calendar, which is a new way to visually interpret time based on priority and importance.

Personal Growth: Fast Learning & Psychology in HCI Research

During the course of conceptualizing and making this website, I personally learned Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as HTML, CSS, and Javascript / Jquery in the span of two weeks. The first 3 weeks were spent conceptualizing and prototyping our ideas and designs, while gaining user feedback and learning usability and information architecture concepts, and the last two weeks were spent coding the website. I personally coded the HTML and CSS of the calendar page and timeline page, and coded the JS so that the user can add to their to-do list, assignments / tests, goals, and the events. This is my first website, and despite a high learning curve due to the complexity of our project and the time constraints, I started to fall in love with web design during this project, giving me another potential path for the future. This experience was also rewarding because we successfully conceptualize ideas based on psychological studies for motivation and behavior change, which excites me to see Psychology and research used in the realm of Human-Computer Interaction. Our timeline view was also extremely rewarding, because first, it was a COMPLETELY new way of visualizing a personal calendar that no one had thought of before. Secondly, this was a complex idea in the realm of Cognitive Science, combining information visualization and time, so we decided to continue to explore this realm further by continuing it in the next quarter.

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