improving products and experiences with logistics

I am currently a product designer (focusing on UX) with CaseStack, a logistics solutions company. I am involved in all parts of the design, including researching with observations and interviews, wireframing and designing with Sketch, prototyping with InvisionApp, and occassionally working on the HTML/CSS. On a fun note, I've been working on illustrations and gifs for empty states and loading (some of which I may post on here). We have been redesigning the internal site to create a better experience and efficiency for our users in logistics.

Hello there! I would love to show you my work here, but you know, business and privacy and NDA and stuff. Please contact me for private posts on my current work, or meet me in person :) Here's a sneak peek of the posts:


How can we help the team expand consolidation with less problems and a better experience?

Accounting Collections

How can we design a better experience to send out and view invoices?

Illustrations and GIFs here??!

Sorry, Dribbble coming soon!

Here's a sneak peek of questions I will be answering with regards to the projects I worked on:

  • What are some changes you've made to accomodate for older users?
  • What are some changes you've had to make from user feedback after going live?
  • How did you design a consolidation management product to provide enough clarity on different data, yet not cluttered as their current excel sheets? How did it save 5 people 2-3 hours each every week?
  • What research went into understanding how to create the best experience for putting in clean product data?
  • What went into not using a table for excel heavy users for viewing errors?

Thank you team!

Of course these projects weren't done alone-- thank you to the UX team for the collaboration and for filtering through my crazy ideas. All projects were done with the entire UX Team. Thank you to the product and development team for valuing our input and ideas, and being willing to collaborate and compromise with us.

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